Christmas Music

Christmas Old Made New

One of the beauties of Christmas music is that what is old is constantly made new. Where else do you find songs that are 500 years old getting new spins?

Even old songs of our day and age get celebrated anew. Take, for example, this new view of an old Bryan Adams Christmas classic:

Now kids — once upon a time Bryan Adams was considered cutting edge. The Canadian rocker was an 80s icon (well, he still is). But songs like this show both his depth and his timeless style. The smoky voice still rings true and this song — never released on a Bryan Adams album, by the way — is still modern, fresh…and yet classic.

This is what makes Christmas music so great.

And unlike anything else.

Long-time Christmas freak, first time expert. B. Francis Morlan has written for since 2013. He lives in Beaumont, Texas with his ...

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