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Best of New Christmas Music from BYU Vocal Point

The great thing about Christmas music is that it comes in all varieties. From the sacred to the secular, whatever your mood there is always something in Christmas to be found.

An artist can either ride the wave of emotion — or blow it.

I recently saw a video of an epic, dramatic rendition of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen that really not only ruined the song it was completely out of step with both its message and its spirit. This is why we say some artists shouldn’t do Christmas music. One size does not fit all but many perform Christmas music like it should.

What Child Is This is a pensive song. It is filled with mystery and wonder. In a new release by BYU Vocal Point the spirit of the song is performed just right:

I do not know the name of the man singing the lead in this song. But whoever he is he has a fabulous voice. It’s smoky, nearly as mysterious as the song, and so well suited to this performance.

BYU’s 9-man acapella ensemble has brought us some great Christmas music over the years and because they are a student group the faces and the voices change. The blend in this song is exceptional and I certainly hope we hear more of the distinctive lead.

This is one for the ages.

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