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Calling Santa for Free

Can you imagine the kinds of messages Santa must get? Calling Santa is easy — and now free. In a new video released today by the North Pole Santa shares a few of the messages he receives on his toll free number. They are, to say the least, adorable:

Most published phone numbers you see for Santa are not toll free. In fact, most calls to Santa not only require you to pay the long distance or cell charges — they have their hand out in selling something else.

Not this one. Maybe that’s because it comes from the real Santa himself. It’s free, it doesn’t sell a thing and there isn’t anything commercial about it. Now that’s Christmas.

It is published as part of the annual effort by Santa to bring news of the North Pole to the people. It is all done without advertising and without price.

That is a very important distinction. Without all that distraction both Santa and the North Pole can just be themselves.

That benefits any true believer, too. Without all that distraction fans of Santa are free to just enjoy the season — and let their imagination run wild.

The joy and anticipation of Christmas can be heard mightily on that video.

We hope you share it with others who can use a little Christmas.

And by all means, don’t be shy. Give Santa a call.

After all, if a 90-year old dude can call to reminisce about Christmas 1934 you can do it too.

Don’t you wanna be a kid again?

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