Kirk Rudolph

There are not many days like this in the course of a Christmas season. Today William Shatner – forever, in the eyes of most, Captain James T. Kirk — boldly went where many have gone before. And he did it his way. Watch this, if you dare:

Now, before you Christmas purists out there go completely nutz lets just take a moment to reflect on some things.

First of all, William Shatner is 87 years old. 87!!!! Can we give the guy some credit?

This is not senility. It’s not even the good captain’s first foray into music. He’s got quite the, uh, musical history.

Despite these facts, Mr. Shatner is being skewered out there. Mercilessly. That just don’t seem right.

The sad bit about all this is that William Shatner actually has a nice voice.

Given a little vocal training, perhaps a little musical theory…hey, who knows what could happen, right?

But really, this video/song/album from Shatner is all about fun.

So lighten up you crass Christmas critics. Old Bill is just being merry here, okay?

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  1. Jennifer Lundgren
    Jennifer Lundgren says:

    There is a William Shatner/Leonard Nimoy Christmas compliation from the 70’s out there somewhere. I will check my files and try to come up with a title.
    He’s 87, I hope I am that healthy at 87. At 53 and never smoked, I am already getting “old lady voice”…….


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