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Best of New Christmas Music: Christmas Highway by Bahamas Music

Christmas Highway is a sweet song that tells an “unknown Christmas legend” by Bahamas — a Canadian singer with quite a following:

What’s not to love about a song that tells a story of Santa? Seriously, this is one uplifting song.

And what is not to love about one guy doing it all? Clearly Afie Jurvanen is his own man. Confident yet humble. Definitely engaged in his work. A real artist.

This video is one that took me a journey of discovery — not just Christmas stuff, but a musical discovery of real art and joy. That’s the gift of Christmas music. It gives in other ways.

Bahamas is also the kind of artist we really like to support. He lives now in Nova Scotia, married with two kids. Making beautiful music is his thing.

Yes, we can get behind that.

Here is his website, his Facebook, Twitter and iTunes.

Thank you, Bahamas for the great Christmas feels. And Merry Christmas to you.

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