Voice Greetings for the Merry Little Podcast

Voice Greetings for the Merry Little Podcast

Voice greetings for the Merry Little Podcast are simple recordings of friends on the Merry Forums reaching out with a personal greeting for all to hear.

Imagine it — folks from all over the world who have actually never met wishing each other a Merry Christmas!

It is one of the many miracles of the Merry Forums and the power of Christmas community online. Take a listen to the greetings sent during a previous Christmas season:

Do you want to participate?

There are two simple ways to do this for Christmas 2020. You can upload a sound file here:

Or you can call our toll free number and leave a message. That number is 888-800-XMAS (888-800-9627).

The greetings will be shared both here on the Merry Forums of MyMerryChristmas.com and on the Christmas episode of the Merry Little Podcast.