Fall Fest

Fall Fest

Fall Fest is coming! We’re excited to announce Fall Fest 2020 will be held on November 7th and 8th, 2020 right here on the Merry Forums of MyMerryChristmas and at Magical Holiday Home.

Saturday will focus on Thanksgiving and Fall Fest Sunday will be all Christmas.

What is it?

It’s all about preparation and celebration. We want to focus these two days on the weeks of the season ahead. Here are the events on the schedule so far:







During Fall Fest we hope to present experts who can share ideas, websites that have new resources to share, podcasts that will entertain and inform, and radio stations that can add to the festiveness of it all.

We are working behind the scenes right now to schedule some surprises.

But we want to get the suggestions and ideas of everyone. So please share your thoughts via the special form below. If you know of an expert — or your ARE an expert! — please contact us. We want to hear from you, partner with you and gather as a Christmas community behind what you can bring to fall fest.

Please check all that apply


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