1. R

    Help Us Save The Puppets From Rudolph

    Hello, My name is mark. I am the owner of If you have never heard of us we are one of the largest christmas attractions in the world with the worlds largest collections of christmas movie props and costumes. We have worked for decades to create a magical christmas experience...
  2. M

    Classical Christmas Guitar Music (Youtube), Michael Ryan & Friends

  3. Southern Mom

    Hi! New member here!

    Hi! I live in Texas and Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday! I have twin girls (age 4) and a son (age 9). Look forward to meeting everyone!
  4. R

    Intro from Annapolis

    Goodness I forgot to introduce myself, Hi, I'm Rowan from Annapolis, MD and I am a 2nd tier class elf for Section 5 This is my first year on the job, so I hope I do not disappoint the Boss!
  5. A


    Hello there! I decided to re-introduce myself to the community, as I did create this account last year but completely forgot about it until this year! My name is Alyssa, I'm 17 and I'm from Canada. A few fun Christmas related facts about me are: 1. My family has ALWAYS decorated for Christmas...
  6. Haileysnana2013


    Hi everyone!!! My name is Tina,, I live in Shasta Lake, Ca,, which is about 90 minutes south of Oregon. I am super excited to be able to participate, hoping to meet a few new friends who share the undying love of the holiday season. I drive my oldest son nuts every year as I begin playing the...
  7. B

    I'm new here and need your help to spread the Christmas Spirit!!!

    My name is Blake Pakos and am a student at High Point University. I'm currently in a social media marketing class and need to get 750 page views on a buzzfeed article I could choose to create. With my favorite holiday in the world coming up I thought "Why not do it on Christmas!?!" So I created...
  8. L

    Hi from sunny California!

    Hi everyone :) I'm really looking forward to the holidays this season. Going to have a big family get together and want to make sure my home is full of cheer! Also want to figure out the best gifts for all my relatives that are coming over this year! I bet you guys have awesome ideas. Totally...