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    Christmas Songs

    Hi Everyone!! We are The Hooves from Pembrokeshire, Wales. We write upbeat, positive, fun Christmas songs. Here is a link to our debut single, Hoof On The Roof. We hope you enjoy it! We will be releasing our next single this Christmas. Please subscribe on our video to get notifications. We...
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hi everyone! I'm a new member, from Quebec, Canada. I just love Christmas decorations and music, and it's fun to have a website where people can share their Holiday enthusiasm, no matter what time of year!!
  3. Haileysnana2013


    Hi everyone!!! My name is Tina,, I live in Shasta Lake, Ca,, which is about 90 minutes south of Oregon. I am super excited to be able to participate, hoping to meet a few new friends who share the undying love of the holiday season. I drive my oldest son nuts every year as I begin playing the...

Christmas Activities