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Dinner Reservations are Made!


Rudolph's Groomer
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Jan 16, 2009
DH & I are doing something different this year. We're taking DD with us to a restaurant in town for something a little more "fancy" than chicken strips & French fries.

The second floor of the restaurant is the banquet room and they are taking reservations. They will be serving their catering menu, which is much better that their regular menu. (We can't figure out why the don't just serve the better catering menu all the time and charge a little more, instead of serving "just okay" food that we might eat 3 or 4 times a year.)

We'll take DD home after school and put on her "Sunday best" for a dinner with real tablecloths & cloth napkins. There won't be a lot of tables there and you have an hour to eat, so we won't have to rush. I think it will be something nice & different. DD will probably be the only child there, but she's well behaved for a five-year-old, and we have no problem disciplining her if needed!

Anyone else have plans yet?
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MMC Emeritus Member
MMC Emeritus Member
Sep 29, 2010
Hill AFB,Ogden Utah
I think I am going to cook dinner at home instead of going out this year. this will be me and my gf's first valentines day together so I will cook something and have a nice bottle of wine and a good movie! so far that's what I think I will do.
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MMC Emeritus Member
MMC Emeritus Member
Aug 8, 2008
Maryland, USA
Hubby and I are going to try a resturant we have never been to. We are going to go out on the 12th because with having 2 young kids and working during the week it will be too hard to do it on Valentines Day!
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Blue Christmas

MMC Emeritus Member
MMC Emeritus Member
Dec 22, 2010
:mrgreen: I am green with envy - Jealous of all the romantical happenings swirling about. Talk of special dinners and mix tapes...

:rolleyes: I married Fred Flintstone whose idea of romance is bowling with the guys (cringe)!

:grin:I hope you all have glorious valentines day celebrations!
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