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Oct 18, 2011
When first released, 'It's Christmas Day' featuring The Balfron Christmas Stars received coverage on national TV and radio. In the last few years, choirs and soloists have performed our carol 'It's Christmas Day' in countries such as USA, India, Holland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Canada ,Russia, Germany, The Philippines as well as the UK and many other countries.

This Christmas we are offering all choirs free Christmas Sheet Music of 'It's Christmas Day' lyrics and mp3 downloads of all versions. If you're in a choir or know of someone who may be interested in performing 'It's Christmas Day', then please contact and we'll be delighted to send you a free download pack.

We have received humbling and rewarding feedback from choirmasters and performers. Incidentally, you can view some of the other choirs on The Story Of It's Christmas Day narrated by BBC presenter John Cavanagh here
The latest version, featuring Marri Nallos, is our latest release. Marri is of course well known for her cover version of Jim Steinman's 'Making Love Out Of Nothing At All' and having been signed to Universal records and Sony BMG we're delighted to have her on board for this project.

There can be no doubt Marri's version of 'It's Christmas Day' is very different to the ones that have predominantly been sung by children's choirs. So, where do we see this latest version? Is it possibly somewhere between Amy Grant and Yolanda Adams? Is it a Christmas Gospel Song or a different style of Christmas song? What you think? Let us know!

As we approach Christmas you may wonder how popular 'It's Christmas Day' is. Let's just say it has far and away exceeded our expectations. On YouTube, the different versions of It's Christmas Day including the Marri Nallos version have over 750,000 views between them and over 175,000 plays on SoundCloud.

We really don't know what the special ingredient is that is making the song so popular. All we know is that it is truly delightful when another choir from somewhere in the world ask if they have permission to perform the song at Christmas time. So on the 25th December, as we sit down with at Christmas , we will raise a toast to the original choir of Balfron Primary School and all the new choirs and singers who have done such a wonderful job performing 'It's Christmas Day'.

All versions of It's Christmas Day can be viewed on our Youtube channel
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