Thanksgiving tradition

Ned Richards

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Oct 22, 2013
All 3 children and their families, 6 grandchildren , we have our Thanksgiving meal the sunday before Thanksgiving, as Thanksgiving day all the kids have their in laws to go to so how much turkey can you eat on turkey day..I do all the cooking a roasted turkey and I smoke a small turkey and a duck , and chicken as well!! I make my sausage stuffing, bread filling, candied yams., and bread pudding and 2 pumpkin and 2 apple pies...after the feast I give out their advent calendars ,and we put our big calendar on the wall. the kids decorate the spare bedroom tree and our bedroom tree, the living room tree me and the wife decorate after both of us give out food to the homeless!!!That's it !!!
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Apr 21, 2019
My family does Thanksgiving the Sunday before too, and I love it that we can all be together and have a leisurely day without worrying about travelling to the next big meal! I used to give out Advent Calendars to all of my nieces and nephews but now am waiting for a new younger generation to come along. Do you do the traditional ones with the doors and chocolates? I have thought about starting to pick up some of the ones with the little drawers or pouches and doing one per family instead of one per child. Thanks for sharing!

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