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Go Tell It On the Mountain by Home Free and Texas Hill

Go Tell It on the Mountain is a snappy new release from Home Free and rising country group Texas Hill:

Tight harmonies, toe-tapping swing and the country feel puts this Christmas collaboration right in the wheelhouse for Home Free. It’s their best Christmas release in a couple of years.

The recreated euphoric recording features Wakefield on piano, James on guitar, and all eight dynamic vocalists harmonizing and trading the spotlight throughout.

Home Free was joined by Texas Hill for a recent show in Wyoming, while Home Free was on their Dive Bar Saints Tour. The group has collaborated with plenty of artists over the years, but singing “Go Tell It On the Mountain” with Texas Hill marked a career first for them.

“It’s really special, and it’s the first time we’ve really done something like this. Obviously, we did something with the Oak Ridge Boys,” Brown says, referring to their “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem” duet they did in 2020. “But this is just so different from that. The full body sound — we actually got to sing together on stage when the guys came out, and we filmed this music video in Cheyenne. We did a song on the show together, and we actually have some more shows coming up. It is some of the most fun I’ve ever had. Just getting to sing with these guys and have seven dudes just wailing is awesome. It feels so cool. I hope it’s an omen of all kinds of things to come just like this.”

Texas Hill, made up of three solo artists who already had a large fanbase, has earned even more fans after joining forces. Still, not only were they were blown away by how passionate Home Free’s fans were when they recently performed together, but also how generous all of the Home Free members were to them.

“The crowd was phenomenal,” Texas Hill’s Casey James recalls. “It was a packed place. [The fans] were there early, so we pretty much had a full room to play for. And I have really never seen anybody be as kind as they were all day to us, in all regards, just truly sharing the stage with us in a way that we all really appreciated, and the crowd. Really got it. They brought us back out at the end of the night. We did that song together that we’re going to be doing very soon.

“The whole evening, the whole day really, was just really great,” he continues. “I think I said thank you to everybody about ten times. And I really meant it, because things aren’t always that easy when you have two different camps put in the same area. A lot of times people are too cool for school, and there’s egos and attitudes. And there was really none of that. it was one of the most enjoyable times. I’ve had in a very long time in terms of playing shows with folks.”

Texas Hill might have loved spending the time in Cheyenne with Home Free, but the love definitely went both ways.

“I really did appreciate the vibe,” Brown shares. “It was so cool getting together. It felt like nobody had an ego. We were all just happy to hang out and talk about life and make good music. It was just so chill, and I just can’t get enough of that. Especially in this town where everybody here has just got their work glasses on all the time. You know, they got their ‘I’m going to work’ hat. It felt like we were hanging out and making music in a way that just doesn’t happen very often … It makes me want to do so much more stuff, ’cause it was just a fun hang.”

Texas Hill will join Home Free for the first three dates on their Warmest Winter Tour next month but according to Brown, there could be much, much more from them together in the future.

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