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Infant Lowly Infant Holy by the Tabernacle Choir with Brian Stokes Mitchell

Brian Stokes Mitchell is featured in a new Christmas video with the Tabernacle Choir in Mack Wilberg’s arrangement of Infant Lowly Infant Holy:

This tender traditional Polish carol tells the Christmas story of the manger and the shepherds. It is arranged by Mack Wilberg, director of the Tabernacle Choir, who has long established himself as one of the most prolific arrangers of sacred Christmas music.

This video was produced during the pandemic and is part of a new Christmas retrospective from the Choir celebrating 20 years of Christmas concerts in Salt Lake City. The annual event draws tens of thousands of people in a free concert that is later broadcast to millions on national television. The Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert has become a national Christmas tradition.

Last year’s concert was cancelled due to the pandemic and with this year’s event in doubt the Choir produced the retrospective video in advance.

From early in the process, a virtual choir was considered. But the role it would play was uncertain. Would it be just another musical selection, performed without a live audience, recorded in isolation on mobile devices? As the Choir’s music directors and production team considered how a virtual choir might add value, they recognized that virtual singers are somewhat like angels—crossing time and space to make their appearance and deliver their message. Perhaps the Choir’s first virtual performance could be suggestive of angelic messengers proclaiming the good news of the holy birth. With that as the plan, the entire Choir was invited to participate.

Above the background of that socially distanced performance, the Choir members’ “selfie” videos appear. As their voices blend, they are seen gathering like the heavenly host, announcing the good news that Christ is born to all the world.

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