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Best of New Christmas Music from John Legend

Easily the most anticipated and hyped album of the 2018 season has been John Legend’s Legendary Christmas.

The album has been out since October, promoted on tour and has been even the backdrop for an NBC television special. It has been hard to miss.

Fortunately, Legend’s warm style mixes well with old standards. After all, who better than to have the original along for the ride on a classic like this?

Thankfully this album has six original tunes mixed with the classics. This is where the album stands out. It is a brassy, upbeat and soulful ode to the season.

Legend’s fans will not be disappointed.

But will this album go down in Christmas history and live up to its legendary marketing?

Probably not. There are no standout, year-after-year cuts on this album. 50 years from now they likely won’t be playing John Legend at Christmas alongside Bing, Elvis, Andy and Frank.

But it is a fine listen and a contemporary salute to Christmas.

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