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Best of New Christmas Music: You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch by Voiceplay

You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch is a song belonging to the original animated television special about The Grinch broadcast in 1966. Unlike some modern adaptations of the story, the song has held up quite well. This year’s rendition by Voiceplay takes it to an all new level:

I love this version so much better than what we heard in 2018’s version of the song by Tyler, the Creator.


It’s simply more fun.

Voiceplay is a group that is only getting better and better with time. I love they don’t take themselves too seriously with this song. The tight blend with the upbeat energy does a better job in telling the story in this one song than a full two hours of Cumberbatch. (And frankly, anything is better than Jim Carrey, when it comes to the Grinch).

Voiceplay, of course, is not unknown. They were finalists in NBC’s Season 4 of The Sing Off and have toured all over the country. Based in Orlando, the group has a strong online following and over the past several years has built a good Christmas catalog.

Their Grinch only adds to it.