Christmas Shipping Charges to Cost More

Attention Christmas shoppers – your Black Friday and December shipping expenses are going up. UPS has declared that a peak-season surcharge will be added to all shipped items during traditional Christmas shopping events such as Black Friday,…

Understand Easter to Understand Christmas

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In a world growing more secular by the day there seems to be a serious decline in the understanding of what makes Easter so significant. A quick Google search about the “facts” of Easter reveals stunning statistics on how many chocolate…

Celebrating Christmas Year Round

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For some people the Christmas tree never comes down. Their reasons vary. And others just think it is weird. “Right around this time of year you start hearing the uncomfortable comments,” Mitzi Unger, 64, said from her Louisiana…
Christmas tree

Five Reasons NOT to take Down Your Christmas Tree Yet

We live on a busy Main Street in our little town. We have a large picture window at the front of our house. Each Thanksgiving weekend we look forward to the beacon of light our Christmas tree becomes along our bustling street. But as the…
Playing Santa

Perils of Playing Santa

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The cat-and-mouse game of hiding the Christmas presents begins as soon as a black Friday bargain is found. Whether you are hiding gifts from your significant other or your children the game can be intense. Take, for example, the year of…
Santa's wink

The History and the Mystery of Santa’s Wink

Santa’s wink is missing. British fans of Christmas are taking to social media to vent over a change in Coca Cola’s traditional Christmas commercial that shows Santa handing a bottle of Coke to a little boy and then winking at him. That…

Sainsbury Christmas Story

If there is one thing that separates British and American Christmas celebrations it has to be the commercials. Simply put, American commercials are short and sell hard while British commercials are mini-movies with huge production values and…
Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens Releases What Child Is This

Peter Hollens brings us his 2nd new video from his Christmas album, A Hollens Family Christmas – What Child is This? Hollens calls it a follow-up to his smash video release last year of Mary, Did You Know? What Child is This? Has a…

Pentatonix Lands NBC Christmas Special

The news was just announced that ultra-hot vocal group Pentatonix will now be featured on an upcoming NBC Christmas television special. The a cappella group, which rose to fame on NBC’s The Sing-Off, will return to the network on Dec.…

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