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Best of New Christmas Music: Please Don’t Cancel Christmas by Eclipse 6

Please Don’t Cancel Christmas is yet another parody about the Covid Christmas – except this one is really well done by Eclipse 6:

The Christmas music trends of 2020 are, like everything else of this train-wreck-of-a-year, completely different. First of all, we have never seen a Christmas with so much new music. That’s a good thing. We have also never seen a year with so much GREAT new music. And that is an even better thing.

But never have we seen a year with so many poking fun at one thing. And this year it is all about the Covid Christmas.

We realize this is a coping mechanism. We realize as well that a good poke in the eye of something so awful is a healthy thing. We already realize that not every song about the Covid Christmas is a parody or an attempt at humor. Much of it is heartfelt.

Whether all that is good or bad, I suppose, has to do with how you deal with it all. I think it is a healthy thing — all of it.

But buried in the humor and the good-natured needling of a bad thing is actually some good music.

Eclipse, who is a group that over the years has constantly evolved and even redefined themselves, consistently puts out good Christmas stuff. We have a great many additions from this group in our libraries that support our radio streams. We’re fans.

We will go on the record here and state that this fun song is good Christmas music. Not just for the good time they show us in the video but just because they’ve taken on a classic to spit in the eye of Covid.

Thank you. I hate Covid. This song makes me feel better.

Merry Christmas.

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