We received dozens of notices about new music everyday in November and December. Most come from publicists or new artists themselves. We are grateful to receive them.

Occasionally we receive tips on new Christmas music from our readers. We have learned over the years to trust these suggestions. Here is one that came late last night that we just love:

Silent Night celebrated its 200th birthday last year. We have seen many different renditions of it over the last 12 months.

This version stands out because we do not know who these artists are. Can anyone tell us?

Silent Night is a simple song. Most artists, to be honest, really over-do it.

We love this version because it is humble from start to finish. Besides the anonymity of the performers the arrangement is simple, the harmonies are sweet, the story of the birth of Christ is told through song, which we love.

We would love to credit these artists. We enjoyed this video and think you should share it with others who enjoy a simple expression of Christmas light and love.

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