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Best of New Christmas Music from the Tabernacle Choir

Christmas and choir music just go together. The Tabernacle Choir is not afraid to tackle any song of Christmas but nowhere do they shine better than on the traditional, simple songs of Christmas such as O Little Town of Bethlehem. They are, quite literally, a choir of angels:

The all-volunteer choir actually puts out new Christmas music each season based upon Christmas concerts held the previous year. This gives the Tabernacle Choir perhaps the most diverse and comprehensive Christmas music portfolio anywhere.

O Little Town of Bethlehem is a classic, American Christmas song. Based on the Biblical text of Luke 2, it tells the singular story of the birth of Christ. The music provided by orchestra and Choir, accompanied by images in the video, portray the fundamental message of Christmas in one poweful package. The song is rich but simple, the message sacred and devine.

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