Trace Adkins Christmas music

I always hesistate to post reviews of new music from established stars. You get only two types of responses. It is either over-the-top love from gushing fans or bitter criticism from those who hate all things associated with the artist.

Fame has a way of bringing out the weird in people. So does Christmas.

Not just with the fans either. There is a long list of music stars who performed Christmas music but never celebrated Christmas. Frank Sinatra famously detested Christmas music. Perhaps that is why he isn’t best remembered for his Christmas stuff. Of course, he still gets played every Christmas on the radio. But then and now, he’s no Bing Crosby.


Because Christmas music is emotional. It’s personal. Sometimes it even transcends talent. If you don’t love doing Christmas music, I think it shows. It just gives you the feels.

Trace Adkins must be a big Christmas fan. A couple of years ago he gave us some orignal songs of a very sacred sort. This new song shown here is an old song, and it’s not sacred. But it sure gives you the feels:

That is artistry and belief at work right there. One of the best this year.

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  1. Lisa Timmons
    Lisa Timmons says:

    You are a very good singer no matter what sang you songs you sang I’m.glad I’m one of your very biggest fan . And knowning you


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