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We Three Kings

We Three Kings purports to tell the story of the Magi — perhaps one of the least understood elements of the Nativity Story. While scripture is short on detail of exactly who the Magi were that does not mean the imagination does not run wild and creative when we celebrate their role in Christmas.

In this fun video the “three kings” take over the organ…and put on quite a show:

The show here is the annual Christmas concert of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, which always features an organ solo of some type.

That small moment in the spotlight is always fully embraced by both the organist and the audience.

In this case — three famous Tabernacle organists have a lot of fun as three kings crammed into the keyboard.

Lead organist Richard Elliott is known for his usually playful Christmas rendition of some theme or another.

But the Christmas concert of 2016 featured the placement of six hands on the organ keyboard at the same time in a Chinese-fire-drill type collaboration exploring the theme of “We Three Kings”.

The other two organists are Clay Christiansen and Andrew Unsworth.

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