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Hot Topic 2019 Celebrity Dead Pool

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Jeff Westover, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. Head Elf

    Head Elf Mrs. Claus' Executive Assistant MMC Lifer Christmas Talk Alum

    I forgot who was on my list... dango, dango! I'm hoping I won't be last!
  2. He_Is_Born

    He_Is_Born Christmasologist MMC Lifer

    Eddie Money has punched his ticket to paradise. Age 70.
  3. George Broderick Jr.

    George Broderick Jr. North Pole Resident MMC Lifer MMC Partner Christmas Crew

    Going back to August 30th, Valerie Harper. She was *supposed* to die several years ago from cancer... went on to dance on Dancing With The Stars. She had a good run.
  4. Jeff Westover

    Jeff Westover Chief Santa Tracker MMC Founder Santa's Elf Kringle Radio DJ

    Wait, wut? I only heard about his medical issues the other day...
  5. ponytramp

    ponytramp Mistletoeologist Merry Forums Member

    RIP Diahann Carroll.
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  6. RadioJonD

    RadioJonD ♪♫Mistletoe Mix-ologist♫♪ MMC Lifer Alum Santa's Elf Christmas Crew Christmas Talk Alum Kringle Radio DJ

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  7. MerryCarey

    MerryCarey A Voice from the North MMC Lifer MMC Donor Santa's Elf Christmas Crew Louann Jeffries Award Kringle Radio DJ

    Rip Taylor, age 84 ... does anyone remember the $1.98 Beauty Contest?
  8. ponytramp

    ponytramp Mistletoeologist Merry Forums Member

  9. Mr. Hankey

    Mr. Hankey Sugar Cookie Tester MMC Premiere Member

    Radio personality Don Imus checked out on December 27th. He was 79.
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