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Best New Christmas Music from Home Free

There are many songs of Christmas that are not, well, Christmas. This is one of them. But it is a Christmas song.

I know — but hang with me here a minute. Jingle Bells, Winter Wonderland, Baby It’s Cold Outside — are all Christmas songs that do not even mention Christmas. Yet they have a place in Christmas.

Home Free has just released a new single of Auld Lang Syne, the song of New Year that gets plenty of Christmas love, including from us, because these guys play it straight in their tight, distinctive style:

Auld Lang Syne features prominently in the ending of It’s a Wonderful Life but is more known as an anthem of New Year’s Eve. It stems from an 18th century poem by Robert Burns that speaks of old times. It asks the question, should they be forgotten?

This is a question and a theme that is so appropriate for Christmas, a season steeped in nostalgia, and in our day, debate. Christmas past is quite relevant and in our view, quite necessary.

It is not the first time Home Free has strayed a little from standard fare when it comes to Christmas music. In 2016 they released How Great Thou Art as Christmas music, to great acclaim.

It is no secret that we are big fans of Home Free and greatly enjoy their artistry. In this one they hit all the right notes by doing what they do best. They blend. They keep it simple. They strike the heart.

Home Free often proves true the addage that what is old is new. They certainly do with this one. In it they have raised a cup of kindness to us all. Kudos.

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