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Best of New Christmas Music from Def Leppard

Here is a new Christmas song that does my heart much good. Aging rockers Def Leppard — a group I have been a rabid fan of for decades and that I can glad admit has annoyed both my mother and my children — has released a pretty decent Christmas rock ballad called We All Need Christmas.

Guess what? It rocks:

Just months away now from their well-deserved induction in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Def Leppard released the Christmas single as part of their latest “best of” album. Their induction into the hall of fame was driven by online fan polls.

It seems that after all these years, Def Leppard still rocks.

To me this song proves a couple of things, all of them good.

First of all, these guys all look so much older now. Yet they sound as good as ever. Bravo to them for resisting the cry to grow up.

But more importantly it proves that Christmas music belongs to every kind of artist. That is the miracle of Christmas music. No matter your taste, there is always something to find in common through Christmas.

No, this song isn’t going down with the classics of Bing, Andy, and Elvis. But its a good listen, a positive message, and a festive addition to this year’s Christmas offering.

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  • February 12, 2019
I loved it!

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