Christmas Countdown

Christmas Eve!

ExtraGoodBoysGirlsToday is December 24th, 2014 and there remains just 1 day until Christmas.

It is Christmas Eve, perhaps the most exciting day of the year for many. Many have already been busily engaged in tracking Santa around the world and most have already “rushed home with their treasures”. All around the world the celebrations of Christmas is already in full swing.

But if it is not enough for you, there are still other things to celebrate today.

Today is, for example, National Eggnog Day. Well, okay…it’s about time, doncha think? Eggnog is a uniquely American element of the Christmas season. Like Wassail there is not one tried-and-true authentic recipe for eggnog. In fact, that is part of it’s beauty. George Washington gets the credit for bringing eggnog to the holiday forefront in America. His Christmas parties were epic and his devotion to eggnog as part of that celebration is legendary. So don’t forget to salute the flag with you throwback your own version of eggnog today.

Today is also National Chocolate Day. Looking back throughout our countdown of days this year you can find many elements of celebration that have included chocolate. That today would be THE chocolate day is somehow appropriate, though. Just don’t forget to mix in a little candy cane with it.

To celebrate our Christmas Eve with you, we declare today Universal Christmas Eve Day of Christmas with this great bit of music:

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