Christmas Gifts, Christmas Voices

Christmas Gifts, Christmas Voices is a short novel written by John Allen about one man’s Christmas experience after suffering a devastating personal tragedy.

“It was a perfect life. And it was hard for Eric Sanders to imagine how things could be any better…” So begins the story and the reader knows right away the author will not waste much time in telling how the perfect life falls apart. But tragedy isn’t what this story is about and ultimately the message of Christmas Gifts, Christmas Voices overcomes any mention of the tragedy central to the story.

The story is about Christmas and how it impacts lives. Though the tragic events surrounding the central character happened against a backdrop of Christmas trees, presents and lights the heart and soul of this quick read is more about what Christmas really means — selfless, thoughtful giving.

Allen is a precise writer and he possesses an economy of words that moves the story quickly along. Drawing upon personal experiences loosely similar to certain elements of the story empowers the author to evoke emotion at crucial moments. This book can make you cry and rejoice. If you have a tender spot for Christmas Allen will find it with this work. Christmas Gifts, Christmas Voices is a must read for the Christmas purist.

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