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Collateral Beauty Trailer Showcases a Real Christmas Movie

We’ve been hankerin’ for a real Christmas movie to arrive in theaters — and we may get it in 2016. Below is the very extended trailer of Will Smith’s Collateral Beauty — a low budget tear jerker with an all star cast.

The film follows Howard (played by the indomitable Will Smith), a man who loses his love and drive for life following the death of his daughter. Additionally, it seems to focus on three things that are universal to all humans: Love, time, and death. As Howard divulges in the trailer, “We long for love, we wish we had more time, and we fear death.”

This is opening up against Star Wars. So don’t look for people to talk about it this Christmas.

But will it get the notice of Christmas movie lovers who tend to make weak box office performers classics?

Only time will tell.

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