Dear Ernest,

Do elves ever pee themselves?


Well. That’s a delicate question.

When I first saw this question I thought someone was kidding, maybe pulling my leg. But I see it is from you, Kirsty, and I understand why you are asking it. So I will tell you.

First of all, I talked to Elf Dr. Lionel about this question. He took it very seriously.

“Some people think elves are magic,” Elf Lionel said. “But they are just people like anyone else. Accidents happen. They get sick some times. So the simple answer to Kirsty’s question is yes.”

Well, I could tell you stories of times when this has happened. But it isn’t necessary, Kirsty. Let’s just say that it happens sometimes and it is no big deal.

Have a question? Ask an elf!

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