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An Elf Named Moe

Every once in a while a Christmas song comes along that speaks such truth we just have to share it. That’s way it is with Carl Stuck’s new song, An Elf Named Moe.

Moe, you see, is one hard working elf. Carl bumped into him at the airport one day and Moe told him all about it:

We love the idea that Santa does not do it all alone.

In fact, we believe in a world where elves not only carry a big load but they have stories to tell of their own and personalities nearly quite as big as Santa himself.

In this regard, Elf Moe won us over in a big hurry.

And so did his song. An Elf Named Moe is a catchy tune we’ve tested for the past couple of weeks on kids of all ages. The older “kids” say “play it again” and the real elf believers — those under age ten — dance to it in a hurry, with smiles of glee.

Carl Stuck is something of an elf himself. He is a singer/songwriter from Louisville, Kentucky. He meets regularly with a group of songwriter friends who challenge each other to new creative heights with the suggestion of just words or phrases. Upon one meeting the theme was “December” and Carl decided to write a Christmas song.

But not wanting to offer another formulaic story about Santa and the known larger characters of Christmas Carl decided to focus on one of the little guys in Santa’s operation — an elf named Moe.

“I figured the elves must have a vacation sometime and right after Christmas seemed like the logical time frame. I pictured the singer of the song bumping into an elf in the airport and the rest just sort of developed from there.” Carl said. “I didn’t think much else about it except that one of my friends’ children loved the song so much they named their elf-on-the-shelf Moe after my character so i decided to record it and see if others felt the same way.”

You can download An Elf Named Moe at iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play or just head on over to Moe’s website where the kids can help create Moe’s original art to go with the song.

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