1. alsage36

    New Member from Ohio

    I came here looking for a really good Christmas Podcast to listen to during these long, humid summer days, and found not only the Merry Podcast, but a great group of people who love and look forward to Christmas as much as me! Hello from Youngstown, OH as I write this message at work and listen...
  2. X

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi everyone! I'm a new member, from Quebec, Canada. I just love Christmas decorations and music, and it's fun to have a website where people can share their Holiday enthusiasm, no matter what time of year!!
  3. S


    Hello everyone, my name is Cole and I am a Christmas fanatic! I specifically enjoy looking at the darker side of the holidays, such as Krampus and any other "evil" counterparts to St. Nick. That's not to say that I dislike the jolly side, quite the opposite! Santa Claus is my idol! Krampus I...
  4. DustyMoth

    Hello, from Riverie, France

    Hi all, I tried to do an introduction at the begining of the year but without success. Hopefully it will go through this time. :) My name is Avril and I presently live in France (been there since December 2008). I was born in the UK but have both an American and British citizenship. I like...
  5. M

    Seasons Greetings Everyone!! :)

    Hi, I'm Mary, very nice to meet you all! :snowball I've made a Christmas site with all of the weirdest Christmas prezzies I could find from Amazon (ugly sweaters, Nic Cage pillow covers etc.) and would love for you guys to check it out and give me your thoughts! I spent...
  6. L

    Hi from sunny California!

    Hi everyone :) I'm really looking forward to the holidays this season. Going to have a big family get together and want to make sure my home is full of cheer! Also want to figure out the best gifts for all my relatives that are coming over this year! I bet you guys have awesome ideas. Totally...
  7. E

    Hi! I'm Christmas songwriter Elizabeth Chan!

    Hello, everyone! Nice to meet you! My name is Elizabeth Chan, and I write Christmas songs. Some backstory: I run and am the principal artist of my own record label Merry Bright Music. I quit my previous job to go after my dream of penning a Christmas classic. The last few years have been...

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