Santa's Sleigh A Turkey Story

Jeff Westover

Chief Elf Officer
MMC Founder
Santa's Elf
Kringle Radio DJ
Oct 7, 2004
Cache Valley, Utah
Our focus this year with Santa's sleigh is food. We normally do a little bit with food each year in association with Thanksgiving.

In discussing things this year with a local food bank we were asked to see if we could get 30 turkeys.

This has had me worried because in our area turkeys are as high priced as I've ever seen them. There has been a bird thing going around that really affected our many local turkey farms and trying to line this up has been hard. But on Thursday of last week I found someone fairly local who could give us a good price.

From California here today I called them to pay for it and arrange for pick-up. The lady I was talking to last week and with whom I had made the deal was not there - gone for Thanksgiving with her family. So I ended up talking with the main guy there to make payment. He took care of me over the phone and after I had paid he asked "So who needs 30 birds like this? Are you feeding an army?"

And I told him about Santa's Sleigh and the local food bank, which, it turns out he already made a donation to.

This afternoon, I was checking our accounts and this good man donated to Santa's Sleigh more than the cost of the turkeys that I paid him - then I just learned he contacted some folks up over the border into Idaho and arranged for a load of potatoes, sweet potatoes and green beans to also be delivered to the food bank. All on his own, not a word said to anyone about it.

There are great people everywhere. I can't believe how easy this is sometimes. The work of Santa's Sleigh is never about money. It is about good people helping others. What a humbling thing to be associated with.

And now we have more money to work with than before for Christmas - and we met our 30 turkey goal as well.


Dashing through the snow ..
MMC Lifer
Sep 21, 2019
new england
Wow. That is beautiful and it warms my heart. Thank you Jeff for sharing that with us.

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