Any "special" plans?


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Jan 16, 2009

You'll only be about 45 minutes away from us!

We went to Carrabba's in Knoxville two weeks ago and decided that would be our Valentine's dinner since we waited 30 minutes that night for a table! We have agreed to cook dinner at home, maybe the stir-fry that DH likes so well. We'll both give a gift to DD. I got a gift card to Carrabbas for DH so we can go again later on! DH always get a unique gift for me. Wonder what it'll be this year?

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Jul 8, 2007
N.E. Arizona
I bought my husband a boquet of beer, 6 red roses, 4 cards and a little stuffed dog. For me, he bought me a hippo. Tomorrow I will be jumping in the lake for special olympics and then I'll go and get my nails done. Nothing special. Hope everyone has a great day with their significant others or if you are single, have a good time by yourself.

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