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Canada Day


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Aug 29, 2011
Calgary, Canada
I would like to wish my fellow Canadians a very happy CANADA DAY!! 20190701_095747.jpg


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Jun 13, 2017
Tillsonburg, Ontario
Canada Day Fireworks Soundtrack across the country of Canada!
On Canada Day, you know that means.. FIREWORKS!!! Radio Stations (as listed below) will be airing the fireworks soundtrack on Canada Day.

Thunder Bay -- 99.9 THE BAY: (FIREWORKS STARTS @ 11PM ET)
View attachment 61421
Timmins - KISS 99.3 / 93.1 Moose FM (FIREWORKS STARTS @ 10:30PM ET)
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93.1 Moose FM will air the fireworks soundtrack in Timmins at 10:30PM ET, listen on http://radioplayer.vistaradio.ca/chmt/ or link above this post.
Vancouver -- Rock 101 (Fireworks starts at 10:30PM Pacific Time / 1:30AM ET)