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May 18, 2020
User name: Gingerbread Latte

Christmas Review Type -- Christmas Product

What is it called? -- Candy Cane Lane tea, by Celestial Seasonings

Please provide a link, if available--

Photo Upload -- 5B54208B-FCF7-4BDE-B7A4-57634C7A8A55.png59F19965-80C7-40F4-A69B-BED73D52111E.jpeg

How did you acquire it? -- I bought it

Where did you purchase it? -- Big box store (Walmart, Target, etc)

How much did you pay for it? -- $2.99

In your own words please explain your experience, what you liked, what you didn't, etc. -- I like a variety of teas, and like trying new ones when I find them, but this is my very favorite Christmas tea. It’s not an ordinary mint tea, it’s a green tea with smooth refreshing mint, and a touch of vanilla and other flavors. Not only is it a completely guilt-free Christmas treat, but it’s it’s a soothing cup anytime, and especially good for settling upset tummies. It’s only in the stores briefly at Christmas, anywhere Celestial Seasonings teas are sold, but available online also. I try to stock up enough to enjoy it year-round.

Was it worth the money? -- Yes

Please give a rating -- 5 Stars - Outstanding

Would you recommend this to other Christmas enthusiasts? -- Yes

Any advice or suggestions you would give to the maker, artist or producer? --
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