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May 18, 2020
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Christmas Review Type -- Christmas Book

What is it called? -- Fix It and Forget It Holiday Cookbook by Phyllis Pellman Good

Please provide a link, if available--

Photo Upload -- fixit.jpg

How did you acquire it? -- I bought it

Where did you purchase it? -- Amazon or other online retailer

How much did you pay for it? -- 19.95

In your own words please explain your experience, what you liked, what you didn't, etc. -- Every holiday I'm always trying to juggle the timelines for all the different foods to serve my family and friends for the big dinner. Multiple things are cooked for different times and temperatures, so it's easy to have something overdone or ready way before everything else is.

I picked up this cookbook a couple of years ago and it has saved me so much stress over the holidays. It is filled to the brim with great, mouth-watering recipes so you could never have the same Christmas dinner twice.

The recipes are seperated by mains like chicken, beef and pork. There is a section for appetizers, desserts, and sides. There's even a section for beverages. It was a lifesaver last year. I had both my small and large slow cookers going filled with recipes from this book.

This cookbook is not just for the holidays. I use it at least once a week all through the year because the recipes are just so easy and delicious. Most of the recipes are the dump and go variety, making it perfect for the busy parent to get things ready in the morning, or night before, and have supper ready with little clean up.

This cookbook is perfect for the amateur or professional cook, and is the best gift for someone just starting out on their own.

Was it worth the money? -- Yes

Please give a rating -- 5 Stars - Outstanding

Would you recommend this to other Christmas enthusiasts? -- Yes

Any advice or suggestions you would give to the maker, artist or producer? --
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