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May 18, 2020
User name: ponytramp

Christmas Review Type -- Christmas Product

What is it called? -- Remote Control Lamp Module

Please provide a link, if available--

Photo Upload -- clicker.jpg

How did you acquire it? -- I bought it

Where did you purchase it? -- Big box store (Walmart, Target, etc)

How much did you pay for it? -- I got mine years ago but they currently go for $19.98.

In your own words please explain your experience, what you liked, what you didn't, etc. -- I use these year round, not just at Christmas. It is very convenient, especially when the outlet is hard to reach. It's also handy when you don't want to get up to shut something off or turn it on.

I have seen similar units in other stores but what I really like about these is that there are 2 plugs on each remote outlet. (you can plug more stuff in!) The others that I have seen had only one plug. Plus the control is easy to use. An on and an off button for each of the remote outlets.

I like these so much I've given them as gifts. People with mobility issues love them.

I have seen them in bins at Lowes at Christmas time. Out with the Christmas stuff. I don't know if they are in the stores year round. (just a fyi) You can always order online. I did see them on sale (half off) last month on the website.

Was it worth the money? -- Yes

Please give a rating -- 5 Stars - Outstanding

Would you recommend this to other Christmas enthusiasts? -- Yes

Any advice or suggestions you would give to the maker, artist or producer? --

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