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Announcement Differences in Membership Levels

Jeff Westover

Chief Elf Officer
MMC Founder
Santa's Elf
Kringle Radio DJ
Oct 7, 2004
Cache Valley, Utah
I've been asked to provide specific information relative to our membership levels. Below is a first attempt at providing that. We are still in the middle of our re-build but this is the list of current capabilities. I will update this as we go along:

See all adsYesYesNo
Can see forumsYesYesYes
Can read some forumsYesYesYes
Can read all forumsNoNoYes
Can respond in some forumsNoYesYes
Can respond in all forumsNoNoYes
Can use different forum stylesNoYesYes
Can toggle page widthNoNoYes
Can collapse categoriesNoNoYes
Can collapse sidebarNoNoYes
Can view MMC CalendarNoYesYes
Can RSVP to Calendar EventsNoYesYes
Can participate in chatsNoYes (Limited)Yes
Can join chat roomsNoYesYes
Can join the Christmas ExchangesNoNoYes
Can view media galleryNoYesYes
Can add media itemsNoNoYes
View CountdownsNoYesYes
View the Members MapNoNoYes
Start conversation from a threadNoNoYes
View Member ListsNoYesYes
View Member ProfilesNoNoYes
Use Push NotificationsNoNoYes
Maximum Mention Alerts010Unlimited
Create New Content TagNoNoYes
Bypass User Content Tag LimitNoNoYes
Upload an AvatarNoNoYes
Edit ProfileNoNoYes
Edit Custom TitleNoNoYes
Submit Content without ApprovalNoYesYes
Bypass Flood CheckNoNoYes
Bypass Spam CheckNoNoYes
Report ContentNoYesYes
Use Contact FormYesYesYes
View Own bookmarksNoNoYes
Create bookmarksNoNoYes
React to PostsNoYesYes
Post new threadNoYesYes
Post RepliesNoYesYes
Delete Own PostNoNoYes
Edit Own PostNoYesYes
Time Limit editing postsxUnlimitedUnlimited
Edit own thread titleNoYesYes
Delete own threadNoNoYes
View attachments to postsNoYesYes
Upload attachment to postsNoYesYes
Upload videos to postsNoNoYes
Tag own threadNoYesYes
Tag any threadNoYesYes
Manage tags by others in own threadNoNoYes
Vote on pollsNoYesYes
View Thread WatchersNoNoYes
Start ConversationsNoYesYes
Receive New ConversationsNoYesYes
React to MessagesNoYesYes
Upload attachment to conversationsNoNoYes
Upload videos to conversationsNoNoYes
Edit own messagesNoYesYes
Time limit editing own messagesNoUnlimitedUnlimited
Maximum conversation recipientsNo125
Edit SignatureNoNoYes
Allow basic text formattingNoNoYes
All extended text formattingNoNoYes
Allow allignment changesNoNoYes
Allow listsNoNoYes
Allow imagesNoNoYes
Allow linksNoNoYes
Allow embedded mediaNoNoYes
All block tagsNoNoYes
Maximum printable charactersNoNo500
Maximum linesNoNo5
Maximim linksNoNo5
Maximum imagesNoNo3
Maximum smiliesNoNoUnlimited
Maximum text sizeNoNo5
View profile postsNoYesYes
React to profile postsNoYesYes
Manage profile posts on own profileNoNoYes
Post new profile postsNoNoYes
Comment on profile postsNoNoYes
Delete own profile postsNoNoYes
Editor own profile postsNoNoYes
View cover photosNoYesYes
Manage own NoNoYes
Weekly Digest Email NoYesYes
See the Birthday CalendarNoNoYes
Birthday Email NoYesYes

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