Gardein Stuffed Turk'y


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Oct 30, 2009
Los Angeles
I'm giving this a test-drive tonight and trying it out. Has anyone else tried this before? It's a plant-based alternative to turkey. Gardein just started producing it and it's at all Whole Foods nationally, I believe. Would love to know if anyone else has tried it! I think it's a nice break from Tofurky! :)
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Jun 21, 2009
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I haven't tried that one but Quorn brand turk'y taste like the real thing. My son and husband, who still eats meat, thought it was turkey. Even my cat ate some and wanted more! My cat is strictly a meat eater and it fooled him.

I honestly don't miss the taste of meat and don't plan to buy it this year for myself. I am all for the side dishes this Thanksgiving! Turkey will be on the table for everyone else.

If you haven't tried Quorn, I highly recommend it!
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