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Look! Made it as a Santa Claus Model!

Santa Johnny Boy

Downtown Pittsburgh Santa
MMC Lifer
Jun 23, 2011
Pittsburgh, PA
Well it finally happened. Got a call this past summer to pose for a series of ads as Santa Claus. A national chain, GNC, wanted to use Santa to promote their products. This is the first time something like this has ever happened to me. The idea was to show Santa in different stressful situations, and how you can use their products to keep yourself heathy and stress-free for the holidays.

The ad is not really focused at children, but to the adults who do most of the shopping and running around.

I'm in the front window of every GNC store in the country, and on a lot of billboards in Pennsylnania.

If any of you see my billboard in any other state besides Pennsylvania, could you let me know? I was wondering how far this would stretch. Thank-you in advance!

The actual ads are on www.gnc.com - click on "Santa's Favorites"

Gotta love this country! Where else can a middle aged, balding & overweight man get a job posing for GNC?
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