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Announcement MyMerryChristmas and MagicalHolidayHome

Jeff Westover

Chief Elf Officer
MMC Founder
Santa's Elf
Kringle Radio DJ
Oct 7, 2004
Cache Valley, Utah
Over the years we have operated two separate communities at the same time – MyMerryChristmas and MagicalHolidayHome. In all those years I’ve never cross-posted between them. This post changes that as it will appear on both sites.

My main focus has always been MMC and my role at MagicalHolidayHome has always been one of background support. So, I’ve never really stuck my nose into how MHH was managed or tried to influence its operation.

MagicalHolidayHome is one of those sweet spots on the Internet – just as is MMC – where there is great harmony in celebrating holidays. These are places not polluted with the politics and rancor of our time. I don’t ever want to do anything to mess that up. So I've thought this through carefully so that we offer something new while not sullying what already is.

We are in the closing moments of a kind of new celebration of Christmas in July at MMC. Due to our shared locked-down situation, and anticipating the cancellation of a lot of events this Christmas, our goal with Christmas in July was to bring as much Christmas as we could to the community – so they would have more resources this year to deal with a different Christmas.

That has been a successful effort and we have learned a great deal.

We have been visited by podcasters and Christmas creators, we have had chats with experts on all kinds of Christmas topics, and we have enjoyed events designed to cheer the Covid-weary soul.

In more than one of the events it has occurred to me that “I should have told the ladies at MagicalHolidayHome about this”. In looking back, I see several areas where we could have used the expertise and input of MHH in our Christmas in July.

While we did get to address Christmas villages, Christmas lighting, the organized Christmas and some other common-between-us Christmas topics, I was not successful in bringing to our Christmas-in-July table experts in scrapping, decorating, or other home-themed areas. That was a missed opportunity I will not repeat next year.

Another triggering thing for me these past few weeks was a kind note I got from a member of MHH about our recent upgrades there and how much she was enjoying them.

She mentioned that the liked the fact that both MMC and MHH have similar ways in working.

It dawned on me as part of that conversation that we have missed a great opportunity that we just need to fix.

So here it is:
  • If you are a premiere member at MagicalHolidayHome, you are also a premiere member at MMC. If you are a premiere member at MMC, you likewise are a premiere member at MagicalHolidayHome.

    While I cannot make this an automated process I do believe we need to make this happen. Premiere memberships do two things: they help keep both sites running and online, and they go to support our efforts at Santa’s Sleigh.

  • Nothing changes fundamentally in how both sites operate. They each have their own signature, their own traditions and their own way of doing things. @Minta, who is a member of our Christmas Crew at MMC, is the voice of MHH to me. Where there have been things we’ve needed to coordinate, Minta has graciously stepped into that role to communicate what the folks at MHH want. None of that changes.

  • What will change going forward is a better connection when it comes to special events at the two sites. We will go slow and discuss where these opportunities lie. But in looking back, I should have invited MHH to Christmas in July events that might have served them.

    I apologize for only seeing this now. All I can add in begging your forgiveness is that next Christmas in July is going to be epic and MHH will not only be invited but will add their voices to the events as they are planned.

  • As premiere members of MMC, you are free to access any of the ongoing events we have started. Our Christmas exchanges are included in that.

    We encourage you to be active in both or either site, as you wish. We just think the benefits of both sites should be available to you if you’re making the investment of premiere memberships.
Please feel free to message me at either site to make arrangements for your memberships.

Also do not hesitate to EVER speak up with ideas or suggestions for either community. We appreciate your support and contributions.



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