** Post Your Great Moments of Christmas 2009 **


Merry Forums Elf, 3rd Class
MMC Lifer
Dec 28, 2006
Central Texas
I think we've all had a few difficult Christmases in our lives, so we can certainly empathize with you. I remember the "Have yourself a merry Little Christmas" song from Judy Garland always seemed to be the soundtrack to some of my difficult Christmases. I hope this year is going well for you and that next Christmas will be better.


Snowman Engineer
MMC Lifer
Jul 5, 2009
Sometimes we do real trees and sometimes we do fake trees. This year my older girls (11 & 10 at the time) really wanted to go hunting in the mountains for a real tree. We hooked up with friends and spent the day in the mountains, in the snow. We made a big fire pit right in the snow and had a big fire, cooked chili and hot chocolate over the fire, went sledding, and went Christmas tree hunting. It was a fabulous Christmasy day, with snow falling all day long. It was cold, but we bundled up and had a great time. My 2 year old was freezing but would have stayed out there sledding all day long if we let him.

ps Jeff- Are you LDS? Where is your daughter serving a mission?


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