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Stepping back into Christmas

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Scott Calvin, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Scott Calvin

    Scott Calvin Christmas Fan Merry Forums Member

    Good evening all from the UK!

    I’ve been a member before on this great forum as ChristmasSpiritThe2nd quite a few years back. Long story short, I’ve changed emails,passwords & gained a few years in age since!

    I’m looking to get reconnected here after lurking about for the past year

    I can’t wait to catch up on all things Christmas around the world & dive straight into the festivities!
  2. Holiday

    Holiday North Pole Resident MMC Lifer Alum

    Welcome back!
    Scott Calvin likes this.
  3. Christmasplease

    Christmasplease Mistletoeologist MMC Lifer MMC Donor Santa's Elf Christmas Talk Alum

    Welcome back!!
  4. Meceka

    Meceka MMC Associate Editor MMC Lifer MMC Donor Santa's Elf Christmas Crew Louann Jeffries Award Kringle Radio DJ

    Welcome back!
  5. snowflake22

    snowflake22 *Harlowe's Mom* MMC Lifer Louann Jeffries Award

    Hello & welcome back to MMC!!

  6. made582

    made582 MMC's Ambassador to the North Pole MMC Lifer Santa's Elf Christmas Crew Louann Jeffries Award Kringle Radio DJ

    Welcome, Back!!!
  7. HomemakinGirl

    HomemakinGirl North Pole Domestic Goddess MMC Lifer

    Welcome back! ::wave
    Holiday likes this.
  8. tbutler

    tbutler Tim Butler, North Pole IT Consultant Merry Forums Member

    Hello! Glad you’re back!
  9. angelpugs

    angelpugs Dang Near Santa Himself MMC Lifer Christmas Crew Christmas Talk Alum

    Welcome back.
  10. Solice

    Solice Christmas Royalty MMC Lifer

    Welcome back
  11. Minta

    Minta Charles Dickens' Editor MMC Lifer Christmas Crew

    Welcome back
  12. SnowflakeMom

    SnowflakeMom Dang Near Santa Himself MMC Lifer

    Welcome back!
  13. XmasDreams

    XmasDreams North Pole Network Help MMC Lifer MMC Donor Christmas Crew ATC Alum

    Welcome back
  14. Bradmac

    Bradmac It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! MMC Lifer

    Welcome back, Scott!
  15. irishsnow

    irishsnow Dang Near Santa Himself MMC Lifer

    Hello and Welcome


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