Thanksgiving 2021 Thread


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Sep 23, 2010
Warner Robins, GA


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Apr 21, 2019
Thinking about making my first leftovers sandwich. It was a great day and settling in for the start of another holiday season. I turned all the Christmas lights early since it was already dark out! Always a wonderful sight but especially the first night!


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Oct 7, 2011
I love Thanksgiving. Today reminded me of that like it does every year. And it's for 2 separate reasons. The first reason is because of the day itself. Absolutely one of the best, simplest and most pure days of the entire year. It's all about family, food, football, and the parade. I always say this but there are only a few days of the entire year where everyone pretty much stops for that day. And Thanksgiving is one of those few maybe 2-3 days a year where that happens. The only other times it does happen is if you get a blizzard one day in the winter and of course Christmas Eve/Day. Thanksgiving is absolutely fantastic. The parade (especially after last year) was awesome. Seeing people together almost felt like we never skipped a beat. The cooking was fun. My brother carving the turkey was magical. He has done it the last 7 years or so and it has become a fun tradition. He watches this youtube video that we laugh at every year. He has this carving electric knife that we got him last year and also a turkey hat we got him this year (too funny). We had so much fun. Preparing the food was almost better than eating it. And the football games just were great. Having them on just makes it feel like Thanksgiving. The Lions and Cowboys have always played at home on Thanksgiving and they always should. It's tradition. And then of course the meal itself was amazing. Definitely one of the top ones of the year. I love turkey and all the sides. It's something we don't do enough of during the year but it kind of makes it more special on Thanksgiving.
The second reason I love Thanksgiving? Not for the day itself...but for what it brings us. Knowing we truly are in the Christmas Season now just makes the world feel better. I'm so happy about that. The feeling when Thanksgiving ends is joyous in a way which you can't say for when Christmas ends. That's another reason I love this day so much for what it starts and brings us.
In closing, I want to thank all of you here. Without you I wouldn't be doing this. I didn't know if I'd make it through the first year of the countdown but this year was absolutely bigger and better. That's why there will be a new thread and a 2022 countdown beginning within an hour or 2. I'll start it up. Thanksgiving isn't over yet though. We have to have dessert here and play some games so I want to enjoy that and then I'll be back here to kick off the new thread. Thank you again everyone. See you all in the new 2022 Thanksgiving Thread later tonight!​


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Jun 22, 2020
@Edge612, thank your for the treat that this thread is.

What a lovely Thanksgiving! I used my mom's cranberry dish from the 60s or maybe even 50s, so I thought of her and was thankful. I watched my daughter carve a turkey for the first time and I was reminded of the first time my husband did that, and was thankful. I had a rousing discussion with my grandson on how he would make the world perfect and was thankful that he has some zeal. Ate a dinner with people I love and was thankful. Great day. Very blessed.
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Nov 18, 2018
Cant believe another turkey season has surpassed us. I actually had 2 extra people here that werent at my Christmas/Thanksgiving in July gathering this year. Time for us to push forward through another year, enjoy some cooking vids and last second tv shows.

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