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How do you speak Elf?

Dear Ernest,

How do you speak Elf? Do Elves have their own language?


Elf language is something that every elf has to learn. When we come to the North Pole we just speak the language we grew up with. Not every elf understands every language but the North Pole is full of people from all over the world — so there is always someone here who can understand you.

But the question is about a language that elves alone know. And here is the answer:

There is a way that real elves communicate that is different than anyone else. But it isn’t with words or a different language as you might know it. We can communicate with our eyes, our faces, and our thoughts. An elf working with another elf does not have to speak at all to get the work of an elf done.

So there is no book or class you can take to learn to “speak” elf. You have to be an elf and work as an elf for a long time to understand the language of elves.

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  • December 24, 2015
how do u say hola in elf

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