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How does Santa eat all those cookies in one night?

Dear Ernest,

How does Santa eat all of the cookies in one night?

California, USA

(Actually, this question was asked of Elf Agent X — and he thought I should answer it, so here goes:)

It’s true. Santa does eat a lot of cookies on his way around the world on Christmas Eve. Just about every house has cookies for him and many houses have LOTS of cookies for Santa.

It is also true that Santa loves cookies — especially home made cookies. He is a cookie eating machine, that’s for sure.

The truth is that he doesn’t eat them all. He takes make cookies back to the North Pole with him. One of his favorite activities after he returns home is to separate all the cookies and remember where they came from. And he will eat them one by one.

When he does this he is looking for new flavors and things he can tell Mrs. Claus that he learns. You can learn a lot by eating cookies from around the world. Santa, for example, could tell you who uses real salted butter in their cookies versus someone who uses unsalted butter (Santa prefers unsalted butter in his cookies). As I said, he is a cookie expert.

Every once in a while he cannot figure out what someone put into their special Christmas cookies. But if he really likes them, he’ll ask.

Santa always says the most important ingredient in any cookie is love.

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He takes them in a big sack and takes them home and then the next day he shares them out with all the elves and reindeer and for Mrs.Claus and himself and they all gobble it all up!
  • C
  • December 6, 2014
He eats only one cookie and drinks half of the milk and takes the rest to the reindeer and his top elf and saves some for his wife and they it them up in one day!!!!!!!!
  • K
  • December 24, 2014
I think he eats all of them that is why he is big and round and jolly. Ha-ha that was so funny.

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