Just 100 Days Until the World’s Largest Christmas Party!

Time is slipping away! We only have 100 days left to put together the greatest Christmas Party ever. How will you be taking part?

The World’s Largest Christmas Party is a not-for-profit-no-money-involved-non-commercial effort to just celebrate a little Christmas together all over the world. Every website and every social media page or feed is invited to participate. We invite churches, schools, companies, families and groups of any type to join us in making merry ALL WEEKEND, just ten days before Christmas Eve. Several have already signed on and more announcements are on the way.

We have experts lining up to hold workshops and chats, fun contests with great prizes are being developed to add to the fun — it will be all Christmas, all weekend.

How big it will get and how many will be participating remains to be seen. We have had inquiries of this event from Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, England, France, Brazil and all over the United States. It’s going to be huge.

Join us!

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