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Maya Rae is Still Waiting for Christmas

We first met her a year ago — and were blown away. This kid has talent galore. We are thrilled to have heard from her again and to see her 2015 rendition of I’m Still Waiting for Christmas.

Invest a little time on her YouTube channel or visit Maya Rae’s website. Beyond the talent is a genuine love of music that is blossoming right before our eyes. We’re anxious to see where she takes it all.

To Maya Rae we would say congratulations and stop teasing us. We’re anxious to hear what you could do with What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve, The Christmas Waltz, or even Merry Christmas Darling. How about a Christmas album?

This is an absolutely fabulous throw-back tune by Steven Hardy – it has classic written all over. But make no mistake — it’s a grown up song delivered with polish and style. And it just so happens to be a great table setter for the season ahead. Enjoy:

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