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The Story of Porky Pig, Blue Christmas and a Dude Named Seymour Swine

For many years we have been asked for the back story of Porky Pig’s Blue Christmas. In case you haven’t seen this masterpiece, here it is:

Editor’s Disclaimer: It seems that no matter what we post we receive contrary opinions and plenty of emails of complaint about the politically correct this or that of Christmas. Porky Pig doing Blue Christmas is going to unleash those demons in force. For the record, we DO NOT CARE, on this one. This is just plain funny.

Porky Pig, of course, is a world famous Looney Tunes character who dates to the 1930s.

He’s always been wildly popular but we surmise his relative low profile of the past 25 years or so has more to do with political correctness than anything else.

Poking fun at stuttering is Politically Incorrect. Pork is Politically Incorrect (we’re not sure why). Displacing Elvis is Politically Incorrect. Stuttering pigs at Christmas is Politically Incorrect.

Forget all that stuff.

That’s NOT Porky Pig. That’s Seymour Swine.

He is the invention of Denny Brownlee, a comedian and, for the record, he was just doing his job, folks.

Porky became Seymour Swine due to copyright concerns, not political correctness (hey, it was the 1980s and being PC wasn’t totally a thing yet).

Here’s the full story from Denny himself but basically he did the bit in a club and got a great reception.

So after some encouragement he put out a record and it became quasi-popular. Over the 30+ years since you could say it has developed a cult following.

In fact, for some, hearing Porky, er, Seymour is a Christmas tradition.

For us, well, we put it up there with Die Hard.

That IS a Christmas movie.

And Seymour’s Blue Christmas is a Christmas song, doggone it.

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  • B
  • December 13, 2017
That completely made my day! Thanks!
  • M
  • December 7, 2018
Unfortunately it seems his website isn't up anymore. However, he did post this funny video on YouTube about it back in 2013.
  • C
    Christopher Callagher
  • December 12, 2018
Y y you hhhhave tt%&oo bbbbbbee k. Idding me...iiiiiiiii I caaant bbbbbbb. believe yyou would mmmmmmmma ake fun of st st stutttttt%tttt tering...pppppppppolitt%ical al al c c corrrrrrrrectne$s bbbbe damed...l l l l leave u us iiiiiiiin pppppppppppeace....we jjjjjjjust wa a ant to b b be th th thhhhhought offff as n n n normal...hope I didnt offend y y y you guys
  • S
    Sheila Anderson
  • December 26, 2019
Is there is another version of Porky’s Blue Christmas without laughter in the background? I laugh, best song ever but just want to hear my own.

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