Team YANTSU Announces Live Stream for the WLCP

The World’s Largest Christmas Party will now include a LIVE stream with the world’s foremost Santa Trackers — Team YANTSU.

Team YANTSU stands for the YouTube Association of NORAD Tracks Santa Users, a merry band of Santa fans who host a live stream every Christmas Eve to track Santa from around the world. Their videos have long been Christmas Eve favorites on Youtube and their fan base grows bigger and bigger each year.

The stream planned for the World’s Largest Christmas Party will introduce plans for tracking Santa this year, show highlights of great moments in Team YANTSU history and bring lots of Christmas cheer for Santa trackers everywhere. If you want the info, the links, the times and the best ways to participate in tracking Santa this year you don’t want to miss this great part of the World’s Largest Christmas Party.

For more information on the details of this event, please visit the Team YANTSU website at

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